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Robert Janitz

  • 1962

    Born in Alsfeld, Germany
    Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York

  • Solo Exhibitions

  • 2019

    König Gallery, London, UK (Opening in March)

  • 2018

    College Robert Janitz, Canada, New York, NY
    Uptown Campus, Anton Kern Gallery, New York, NY 
    Robert Janitz? Lennart Constant?, Root Canal, Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • 2017

    Erst mit diesem Lack wird Unerhörtes richtig spannend, Meyer Riegger, Berlin, Germany
    Hypothetical Types of Biochemistry, Team Gallery (satellite), Los Angeles, CA

  • 2015

    Kerckhoffs' Principle, Team (gallery, inc.), New York, NY
    Nicht üben, machen!, Meyer Riegger, Karlsruhe, Germany

  • 2014

    Oriental Lumber, Meyer Riegger, Berlin, Germany
    Stick Shift Heaven, Team Gallery, New York, NY

  • 2013

    Le Tra Verseur De La Tlan Tic!, Galerie Sobering, Paris, France

  • 2012

    How I Learned To Love The F, Shoot The Lobster, New York, NY
    A Shoe That Fits Various Feet, CLEARING, Brussels, Belgium

  • 2011

    To Follow (with Koenraad Dedobbeleer), CLEARING, New York, NY
    En Regards (with Pierre Tal-Coat), Centre d’Art Domaine de Kerguehennec, Bignan, France
    Art Dans Les Chapelles, Bretagne, France
    PARCOURS, L’H du Siège, Valenciennes, France

  • 2008

    Faire Trace, Galerie Bernard Ceysson, Paris, France
    Espace d’Art Contemporain, Atelier Blanc, Villefranche sur Rouergue, France
    Maison Art Contemporain Chailloux, Paris, France

  • 2006

    DRIVE BY PAINTING, Leroy Merlin, Paris, France
    NOLENS VOLENS PINXIT RJ, Moments Artistiques, Paris, France
    Galerie La Girafe, Berlin, Germany
    Le 10-neuf, Centre Regional Art Contemporain, Montbéliard, France

  • 2005

    AS220, Providence, US

  • 2002

    Galerie du Haut-Pavé, Paris, France

  • 1996

    Huiles sur toile, Galerie Valleix, Paris, France


    Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2019

    Kunstmuseum Winterthur, Winterthur, SZ

  • 2017

    And Then There Were None, Meyer Riegger, Karlsruhe, Germany
    Ear Putty (cur. by Esme Thompson-Turcotte), Henry 56 (annex), New York, NY
    A Show Yet to be Titled (cur. by Lucie Fontaine), 83 Pitt Street Project, New York, NY
    What’s Up 2.0 (cur. by Lawrence van Hagen), New York, NY
    Neither (cur. by Fernanda Brenner), Mendes Wood DM, Brussels, Belgium

  • 2016

    Implosion 20, Anton Kern Gallery, New York, NY
    Figurative Geometry, Collezione Maramotti, Reggio Emilia, Italy
    Toute première fois, 22 Visconti, Paris, France
    My Abstract World, me Collectors Room, Berlin, Germany
    Rebranding floes, Galerie Jerome Pauchant, Paris, France
    Hermann tritt schüchtern herein, Meyer Riegger, Berlin, Germany
    I AM SITTING IN A ROOM, Jack Chiles, New York, NY

  • 2015

    Per Risplendere devi bruciare, Va-Va, Milan, Italy
    The Painter of Modern Life, Anton Kern Gallery, New York, NY
    Salon der gegenwart, Hamburg, Germany
    Salón de arte contemporáneo 2015, Palacete Sousa, Barranco, Lima, Peru

  • 2014

    Lisson Gallery, London, UK
    En-trée (cur. by Christopher Green), Middlemarch, Brussels, Belgium
    No Ground But Say Ground, Halsey/McKay Gallery, East Hampton, NY

  • 2013

    LAT. 41' 7" N. / LONG. 72' 19" W. (organized by Bob Nickas), Martos Gallery, East Marion, NY
    Old Black (organized by Todd von Ammon), Team Gallery, New York, NY
    Let It Come Down (cur. by Anton Zolotov), Hannah Barry Gallery, London, UK
    NADA Art Fair (solo booth), Martos Gallery, Cologne, Germany
    Informal Abstraction, Art Amalgamated, New York, NY

  • 2012

    Holiday Shop (cur. by Olivia Shao), New York, NY
    No Show* (an exhibition devised by Joao Simoes), TEMP, New York, NY
    NADA Art Fair, CLEARING, New York, NY
    NADA Art Fair, Shoot The Lobster, New York, NY
    Brussels Art Fair, CLEARING, NYC, Brussels, Belgium
    Le Geste et la Couleur (cur. by Philippe Cyroulnik), École d’Art Gerard Jacot, Belfort, France
    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - New Works from Berlin (cur. by Vita Zaman), Magazzino d'Arte Moderna, Rome, Italy

  • 2011

    Royal Rumble, Miami, US
    Tax Day News & Smoke, Emily Harvey Foundation , New York, NY
    Tranches de savoir, French Cultural Services, Payne White House, New York, NY
    Winter Break, Momenta Art, Brooklyn, NY

  • 2010

    Material Matter and Other Issues, Canada Gallery, New York City, US
    Exhibition #3 (cur. by Joao Simoes), Emily Harvey Foundation, New York, US
    Thema 4, Galerie Bernard Ceysson, Paris, France

  • 2009

    Centro Cultural Borges (cur. by Philippe Cyroulnik), Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Exposition 5–31 Janvier 2009 (cur. by Jean-Charles Agboton-Jumeau), Ecole Supérieure Des Beaux Arts, Cherbourg, France
    Mary’s choice, 303 Gallery, New York City, US

  • 2008

    Cloud Cuckoo Land, video installation, invited by Moskowitz/Trager, Momenta Art, Brooklyn, NY
    Rencontres Internationales, Paris/Berlin/Madrid, 2008 – 2009, France/ Germany/ Spain

  • 2007

    Colors, Stephen Haller Gallery, New York, NY 
    Regards Croisés (cur. by Philippe Cyroulnik),Galerie Pascal Gabert, Paris, France

  • 2004

    Gread, Envy, Fear (cur. by Linda Mussmann), TSL Gallery, Hudson, NY
    Cooper Union School of Art, New York City, NY

  • 2003

    Chantier Zen, TEMS-TV, Le Djurdjura, Paris, France
    Galerie Nanky de Vreeze, Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • 1997

    FIAC, Galerie Valleix, Paris, France

  • 1996

    The Sparkling Bag, Galerie Valleix, Paris, France
    Austerlitz-Autrement, Galerie Valleix, Paris, France

  • 1995

    ART Basel, Galerie Valleix, Basel, Switzerland

  • Academics - Teaching

  • 2009

    École Supérieure Des Beaux Arts, Cherbourg, France

  • 2003-07

    Guest Lecturer, Visual Arts, University Paris 8, Paris, France

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