ÄMEN: Bendix Harms

May 3 - 27, 2017

ÄMEN is an exhibition of color pencil drawings by German artist Bendix Harms. Known for his thickly spackled and scratched paintings—whose cast of characters include birds, cats, mushrooms and himself—these works on paper open up an animated world in which the gravity and pleasure of life ebb and flow. We see the artist at work, grooming and gardening while waving a watering can or wielding a chainsaw. Birds are loudly demanding to “continue the struggle” and “to be free.” Hands, fists and testicles, hearts and farts, and leaves and feathers enliven the drawings.


This presentation will coincide with the launch of “Bendix Harms: Chosen Ones” a 350-page monograph published by Karma books, with texts by Grace Dunham and Gisela Corleis. Special edition with hand painted covers are available.


“Some artists leave their lives at the door. Harms lets his in.” – Gisela Corleis

Installation Views