It's Always Summer on the Inside: Organized by Dan McCarthy

July 10 - August 24, 2012

The exhibition’s title is taken from an advertisement for surfing wetsuits from the 1970s. Using an Oneil wetsuit promised that once inside your new second skin, Summer was awaiting.


The title itself is comprised of two somewhat contradictory parts: It’s Always Summer and On the Inside, which is unusual in that Summer typically conjures images of the Outside. This conceptual bridge between the two distinct parts of the exhibition’s title functions like a Zen Koan and forms the crux of the exhibition.


Featuring works from Rita Ackermann, David Dupuis, Mark Flood, Mary Heilmann, Lothar Hempel, Miriam Kahn, Sean Landers, Keith Mayerson, Dan McCarthy, Marlene McCarty, Matthew Monahan, Robert Moskowitz, Joyce Pensato, Jack Pierson, Andreas Schulze, Amy Sillman, Kiki Smith, Phillip Taaffe, Dan Walsh, Robin Winters

Installation Views