John Bock and David Shrigley: WINDOW, 91 Walker Street New York, NY (corner of Walker and Lafayette Street)

January 10 - February 28, 2020

For its inaugural display at WINDOW, Anton Kern Gallery is presenting two works: a neon sign by David Shrigley (mis)spelling Exibition as well as a sculpture plus video by John Bock entitled Vertikaler Fall des multiplen rechten Winkels (vertical fall of the multiple right angle).


John Bock’s sculptures, performances, and films emerged in the context of the work of such artists as Jason Rhoades, Paul McCarthy, Mike Kelley, and Joseph Beuys. Bock’s sculpture on view at WINDOW originated from an exhibition held at the gallery’s old Chelsea space in 2006. The show entitled Mit Schisslaveng (off the cuff) consisted of a group of sculptures installed on the roof of the gallery. A slightly off-kilter spiral staircase took the visitor to the roof and out of the gallery environment into the unruly realm of Chelsea air space, where the rules for the art world and of NYC real estate seemed resolutely in flux.


After the exhibition ended, the spiral staircase and the roof objects were disassembled, cut up and reassembled into what John Bock called “a forest of decision trees” consisting of five distinctly named sculptures and exhibited along with a film documenting John Bock’s roof performances.


Vertikaler Fall des multiplen rechten Winkels (vertical fall of the multiple right angle), is one of these decision trees and consists of a filing cabinet, two rocking chairs, and a section of the spiral staircase along with an array of objects that were used and charged with meaning in Bock’s performance. In its particular structural arrangement, Vertikaler Fall can be read as a three-dimensional diagram that, just like a seismograph, measured and predicted in 2006 not only the changes in Chelsea real estate but also the radical shifts in the art world at large that were about to gain dominance.   


Vertikaler Fall is both image and proposal for the open-ended artwork that sheds light on the interrelationships between artist, artwork, recipient, and the market in a playfully instructive and open-minded manner.

Installation Views