Georg Herold & Matthew Monahan

January 10 - February 16, 2002

Anton Kern Gallery is proud to present the second solo show in New York of American artist Matthew Monahan. The artist will be showing large formats of charcoal drawings produced in the last year. The drawings are made with fine layers of charcoal dust that adheres to the paper through the use of fingers or simply blown. The material and concept are pre-arranged so there is no interruption in the process. The dusty and gloomy shapes and silhouettes result into dreamy landscapes where gestures and images emerge simultaneous.


These both abstract and figurative landscapes are enchanted and almost surreal, one feels like a child trying to find images in the clouds. The artist explores the mind of the spectator, challenging us to recreate the spirit of a lost land, a lost story that is ready to be recreated through our eyes. The artist says that the work “opens up an indefinite space to wander in, and to lose the sure course of the line in the dark and flickering shadows, and imperceptible accidents of dust.”


Monahan’s new work is a result of an intense search for identity. By analyzing his fears and desires the artist tries to define his mind and feelings. The opposition of basic elements like good and evil, earth and heaven, death and life… are basically too obvious to be discussed. Yet Matthew brings an extraordinary creation using this topic as a main part of his work. He explores the mind’s desire to be free and the notion of a mind addicted to escaping itself.

Installation Views