Edward Krasiński

June 26 - August 1, 2003

Anton Kern Gallery is honored to present the first solo exhibition by Polish conceptual artist Edward Krasinski in the United States. A site-specific installation comprised of hanging mirrors will occupy the gallery’s main space along with a selection of earlier interventions. A blue band of tape, which first appeared in 1968, traverses the sculptural objects of this show.


A truly international movement from its inception in the 1960s, Conceptual Art was defined by an emphasis on idea over form, process over result, and a preference for the ephemeral over the permanent. Krasinski has remarked, “Instead of using paint to paint a picture I showed the paint itself.” Building upon this concept, his artistic practice explores the possibility of reducing sculpture to a line.


While his work is not considered overtly political, it is profoundly connected to the rebellious spirit of an era marked by challenges to authority and tradition. Yet, his work has developed a strong relation to the codified tradition of critical avant-garde, conceptual art and mainstream constructivism.


“I have a roll of blue tape in my hand so I stick it on. Wolves pee to mark their territory:


I stick the blue tape to mark mine.”  E.K. (2001)


Edward Krasinski was born in Luck, Poland in 1925. He studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Cracow from 1945 to 1948. In the 60’s he began creating environmental compositions and participating in Tadeuz Kantorz happenings. Later on he marks his presence by affixing blue scotch tape across objects, interiors and spaces.


Selected list of solo exhibitions and participations: 1970 City-Museum of Modern Art, Paris; 1978 Biennial of Venice; 1988 Gallery Donguy, Paris; 1990 Foksal Gallery, Warsaw; 1992 "Polish Avant-garde 1930 - 1990", New Berlin Art Association, State Art Gallery, Berlin; 1994 "Europe - Europe. The Century of Avant-garde in Central and Eastern Europe", Art and Exhibition Hall of FRG, Bonn; "The Split in the Space", Martin Gropius Building, Berlin; 1996 Kunsthalle Basel; 1997 "Edward Krasinski; Retrospective", Zacheta Gallery, Warsaw; "Art from Poland", Art Gallery, Budapest.

Installation Views