Sarah Morris

November 26 - December 21, 1996

Opening Tuesday, November 26th, Anton Kern Gallery presents new drawings by American artist Sarah Morris.


Art often claims to be responsive, but how well does it comment on what we are confronted with on a day to day basis? A mess of images backed up by fragmented television, reprocessed hour by hour whether you want it or not. Sarah Morris makes it her business to take note and to rework this stuff. She's as interested in crime as she is in sex. All the hooks used to sell newspapers. Ready to be collaged into a new language of visual stimilus.


Beyond earlier debates about high and low cultures, towards an earnest search for a unique kind of elegance to be found through a desire to understand our surroundings, Morris thrives on the glamour inherent in crime and is at once drawn to the media´s cameras and microphones. It might equally be said that scandal-mongers, road-kill and high heels should be included in the list.


If we are going to talk about focus and concentration, then it should be understood that we are not merely confronted by a copy of the over familiar. with Sarah Morris's new work we are witnessing a series of developments that increasingly recognizes the beauty inherent in the detritus of our present. No overt cynicism, but an ability to find the essence of those images which have already been honed down to the bone.


The exhibition will run through December 21st.