Twilight Proximity Corpus: John Bock

January 12 - February 20, 2021

In his tenth exhibition at Anton Kern Gallery, German sculptor and performance artist John Bock presents twenty-five new 3D collages. While constructed out of simple materials, these works contain the entire Bockian universe. The exhibition will run through February 20.


Twilight Proximity Corpus gathers a group of illustrious characters: Klaus Kinski, Greta Garbo, and Romy Schneider are among the many iconic performers and actors that mingle with the artist, as well as fellow sculptors, models, and several of Bock's film protagonists. Twilight Proximity Corpus is about the softly glowing light from the sky after sunset, and about the state of obscurity and gradual decline that comes with it. Twilight Proximity Corpus is about bodies caught in spatial structures, proximity and intimacy, restrictions and boundaries, and about the emotions sparked by these relationships. Twilight Proximity Corpus is also about the "corpus"; a body transubstantiated from flesh and blood into silicone and cardboard, rather than the flesh and blood of the Eucharist.

Installation Views