Campo di Marte: Nathalie Du Pasquier's first major solo exhibition in France

 The Mrac Occitanie presents Nathalie Du Pasquier's first major solo exhibition in a French museum. The French artist and designer conceived it as, in her own words, a Gesamtkunstwer–a “silent symphony”–composed of approximately one hundred works produced between the 1980s and today.  


Nathalie Du Pasquier looks at reality as a catalogue “from which we can take everything"—she asserts—"and transform it into another world”. She has always been intrigued by the relationship between objects and the space in which they exist. Over the years, this process of investigation has taken form in paintings, sculptures, drawings, models, constructions, carpets, books and ceramics—always poised between representation and abstraction, twodimensional depiction and volume. Her painting is “expanded”, poetically playing with complex harmonies of forms, granting life to inanimate objects without imposing any narrative, leaving the interpretation up to the viewer. A painting that exists as object, space or environment, in which any distinction between the work of art and its display structure has been erased. 


 For Nathalie Du Pasquier, in fact, the device of the exhibition is a dynamic tool that allows her to use her works as “raw material” with which to build other, new creations. In this sense, the inclusion of works from past decades, juxtaposed with others from different periods, avoids the conventions of the retrospective, generating a single, large installation.  


For this exhibition, Nathalie Du Pasquier worked on the walls as if they were huge canvases, painting them in different colors, and arranged the space to make a set within which the visitor/explorer can cross paintings, drawings, engravings and three-dimensional constructions. All these elements, assembled according to different logics, respond like the instruments of a musical ensemble, in a colorful joust that changes our perception of the space that surrounds them.  


Curated by Luca Lo Pinto, the exhibition is designed in collaboration with the MACRO Museo di Arte contemporanea di Roma in Rome, Italy, which was the first venue of the exhibition in 2021. A publication will be co-published following these two exhibitions.

April 15, 2022
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