Reflections on Perceptions at the Akron Museum of Art highlights work by Aliza Nisenbaum

The group exhibition 'Reflections on Perceptions' featuring Aliza Nisenbaum's 'Patricia and I Boogie on Broadway', 2019 is now open at the Akron Museum of Art. The exhibition invites viewers to explore how artists use a variety of reflective surfaces, from placid lakes to mirrors, to create complex compositions. 'Reflections on Perceptions' will be on view in the Museum's Judith Bear Isroff and Fred and Laura Ruth Bidwell galleries through September 11, 2022.⁠ ⁠ Twenty-three contemporary artists are featured in Reflections on Perceptions alongside Nisenbaum, including Dieter Appelt, Matt Bollinger, Linda Butler, Lois Conner, Danielle De Jesus, Walker Evans, Rebecca Ness, Frank Oriti, Penny Rakoff, Erin M. Riley, Alison Elizabeth Taylor, and Billie Zangewa⁠.⁠

April 12, 2022
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