Fine Art Center at UM Amherst showcases Nicole Eisenman's experimentations in printmaking

Until May 1, 2022

An exhibition at the UMCA of prints by internationally renowned artist Nicole Eisenman is the artist’s first museum exhibition to focus solely on their remarkable prints (lithographs, etchings, woodcuts, paper pulp prints, and monotypes). Despite Eisenman’s reputation as one of the leading artists of our time, this exhibition provides a first glimpse into the range of the artist’s exploration and experimentation in printmaking.

Influenced by Expressionism, Impressionism, and Pablo Picasso, Eisenman explores the human condition, populating their works with emotionally resonant, cartoonish figures, formed out of exaggerated, painterly lines and intense colors. Full of pathos and dark humor, they are expressionistic portraits of Eisenman and friends, or imagined characters based on critical observations of everyday life and culture, combining representation and abstraction, caricature and the grotesque, gender instability, and queerness. Eisenman’s figures seem isolated and contemplative — products of our time, reflections of ourselves.

September 13, 2021
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