Brian Calvin explores the "self" in three-person exhibition at Linn Lühn Gallery

What is the self?
A strange, peculiar, oddly grotesque yet comically gleaming being? A thing displaced and beautiful, with an ever newly interleaved and impenetrable identity? Or is it a void? A silhouette with which what we call ‘self’ is revealed to others, leading thus a multitude of lives, leaving to us its traces only in images?

These observations on the self as something confounding, caricatured, and, at the same time, fantastic are at the core of Something Like a Self, an exhibition with works by Brian Calvin, William N. Copley, and Karl Wirsum.

Calvin’s drawings - gently, subtly - abstract the layers of the self and, no less so, our ways of looking, displacing them once more into another world, where the self confronts us sublimely and sensitively anew.

So what is the self? Its verity lies before us.



November 5th - December 21st 2022


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November 23, 2022
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