Upcoming Exhibition with Alvaro Barrington | January 2023

Anton Kern Gallery is pleased to announce that in January 2023 we will present Alvaro Barrington's first solo exhibition with the gallery.

Alvaro (cadet) Barrington born 1983 
Artist BIO 
Figuring it out is hard and I’m sorry 
It aint about you/ 
Debt trap anxiety 
Human rights to have the fruits of their labor stored somewhere 
The boomer class 
D riding disfunction 
Emotional implications 
America has always prioritized white comfort over black survival 
Its ok to be broke its ok to be old just dont meet up with them at the same time 
I always think that the experience that showed you something is kind of more important that the thing itself 
Any relation to object has a context 
Devine poetry 
That was the worst place and the last i needed to be 
Getting a bigger name or bigger budget dont nessarily mean its gonna feel like how its supposed to feel Once its internalize it becomes a real problem 
Middle class marxist critique of trust fund kids 
Experienced to be photographed 
Rage against the dying of light 
Chief everything officier 
Professional buzz words 
Peak entitled neoliberal feminist 
Betta belly burst than good food waste 
We have all become very adept at saying things that are technically true but lack context 
People want any type of Fame even if its embarrassing 
You know the family dynamics on repeat 
You reading about you and you aint wrote 
Middle class laziness and entitlement masquerading as social justice warriors 
Id prefer clarity to agreement 
I said “if it aint snowing i aint going” “and thats why he aint going far” 
Stocks are assets 
Make it make sense 
Marriage is between folks who can creatively problem solve not two folks who can procreate cause then we wont let old folks get married 
Stacked inequalities that exist at the bottom 
Please be kind to each other especially when we dont know whats going on 
Opportunity structure for a lot of social outcomes 
We could never point any object at each other 
Your saying men have been suffering from the soft bigotry of low expectations 
Thats right i like my girl bbw 
I think we have weaponized the word aggressive 
People dont know they do bad business cause business works for them 
Our violence isnt the threat our love is 
In business you need a worthy fantasy 
Generate intellectual capital 
Its quite alien to a culture that records its documents in different ways 
No barriers to entry 
Whats new whats next and how do i get there first 
Learn to live with ambiguity 
Image based futuration 
Universal soul cry for meaning 
Empathic imagination

You cant make culture out of politics but maybe you can make politics out of culture 
Our faith is in the eternal 
They rejected me 
The white supremacist inclinations within everyone to place black/melenated people in other rooms with only black melenated people 
Its actually not about what’s factually related but how folks FEEL things are related 
Wash trading 
Under more scrutiny so what i do act more stupidly 
There should be grace in conversation 
We live in a failed state

July 12, 2022
of 30