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Press Release

March 3 –
April 2, 2005

Anton Kern Gallery is pleased to announce the second solo show of Glasgow-based artist David Shrigley.


Witty, prolific and darkly humorous, Shrigley’s work pinpoints moments in a disjointed stream of consciousness and reveals an offbeat world. Eccentric moral dilemmas must be faced at every turn. Every situation is simultaneously bizarre and vaguely familiar. Unusual habits, dreams, facial features, school playgrounds and bodily functions are all fair game.


In this exhibition, Shrigley presents a broad range of new works including a floor-based bronze sculpture, a series of black and white photographs with handwritten text, and a large number of drawings. In these works, the artist furthers his exploratory unraveling of the world around him in a language equally infused by hard-core conceptual art (with its instructions, lists and diagrams), Warholian dryness, and the liberating power of a good laugh.

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